Size Plus Tights Collection

The idea of designing this unordinary collection was suggested by our clients - women, with untypical bigger sizes, who found it difficult to find products satisfying their special requirements of fitting parameters such as height, midsection, hips and thighs size. We have introduced several improvements, refined the smallest details during trials and tests, and thanks to the help of our great ladies, the Size+ collection became reality.

The collection consists of tights with a traditional big gusset, tights with a small gusset made of unusually elastic yarns, seamless leggings with extra elasticity, fitted hold-ups and  regulated knee heights.

Trends changing with every season cause the Size+ collection to grow. We are constantly offering new products and an enlarged colour range.

Size chart

Size Size+ Size++ Size+++
Hips 110-140 cm 140-170 cm 170-200 cm
Thigh max 95 cm max 100 cm max 120 cm

Height chart

Size 2 3 4 5
Height(cm) 155-163 162-170 169-178 177-186

Size+ Collection (hips size 110-140cm)

Size++ Collection (hips size 140-170cm)

Size+++ Collection (hips size 170-200cm)