About Us


...we are inspired by women.

As a company, we started our activity in 1990. During the last twenty-four years, we have established our position on the textile market, as a reliable manufacturer of tights. Thanks to manufacturing innovations, we can assure a high-quality product line with competitive prices. There’s a wide range of tights and hosiery in our offer.

Our inspirations are building our aims.

A few words about our collections. Because WE TAKE CARE OF OUR WOMEN we have concentrated on woman, for whom it is especially hard to find comfortable and stylish tights because of their untypical figure. Our efforts are dedicated to them, they are the source of our inspirations. The idea of tights for pregnant women arose in 1997. Years of research and testing by future mothers in antenatal classes allowed us to improve and widen our product line which lead to the great success of “Maternity” collection.

The next step, compatible with our company’s ideas, was creating SIZE+ collection, for women with bigger, non-standard sizes. Our aim was to provide them with a chance to feel special and attractive, but above all, so they may feel comfortable in our products. We haven’t forgotten about men! We are the creators and designers of the exclusive “MAN’S WORLD” tights and leggings for men ACTIVE MAN. Our products are intended for everyday usage, but also for men active in sport.

Our company is founded on the collective effort of our creative team. It was the ingenuity and impeccable work ethics that allowed us to achieve highest quality present in our wide range of products. An individual approach to every client and assistance of professional consulting services are undoubtedly our strongest attributes. We are trying to face up to every expectation, we swiftly address our clients every needs and are sensitive to changes in trends. Together with our partners, we achieved great success in Poland but also abroad. Our collections may be bought in shops in Poland and Europe.